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Formulation of Emergency Plan for Flood-prevention in June 2018

        The rainy season is coming. It’s important for us to do defensive preparations in advance to deal with the hidden danger of flood and ensure the safety production.
        Typhoon Haitang showed us the ferocity of the typhoon and the power of the rainstorm last August. Facing the strong typhoon, our colleagues respond rapidly with orderly action and appropriate organization, which fully embodied the spirit of selfless and fearlessness.In order to ensure the safety of the personnel, production equipment, constructions and storage in the factory, prevention and emergency treatment are combined to dispose the waterlogging disaster in factory timely and efficiently, so that casualties and property losses has been minimized, and the order of production and management has been guaranteed. The General Manager, Deputy General Manager and EHS Engineer formulated the 2018 BNM Flood-prevention Emergency Plan in accordance with the regulations of PRC Emergency Response Law and PRC Flood Proofing Law.
        The plan follows five principles of prevention mainly and self-rescue first, people oriented and saving-people prior, unified leadership and decentralized responsible, well-defined responsibility and synergetic linkage. The emergency work has been deployed to specialized personnel according to the principles, which is divided into four aspects of early warning, emergency rescue, supplies deployment and logistics suppot.
        In the face of potential flood hazards, we will make full preparations to ensure safe production and protect our homes!

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