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Fire Escape Rehearsal in July 2018

        Summer is the season with a number of natural disasters like high temperature, thunder and lightning, typhoon, etc.. And it is also the high-incidence period of all kinds of safety accidents. In order to strengthen the awareness of fire safety and firmly establish the concept of safety development to practice the theme of safety production in 2018---"Life Supremacy, Safety Development", BNM carried out the fire escape rehearsal that mainly aimed at the office personnel of the company leaders, the Production Department, the Logistics Department, the AD&HR Department and the Sales Department in the afternoon of 20th July.

        The premise of safety production is to "prevent in the bud, avoid danger to the invisible". It’s fully embodied that BNM has paid great attention to the safety that the establishment of part-time security personnel, the propaganda of safety production, emergency rehearsal and the invitation of fire-fighting professionals.
        The rehearsal revolves around fire-fighting. The EHS Engineer set up a detailed rehearsal program and designed the plot of “self-heating combustion because of short circuit of electrical transmission line in comprehensive warehouse implicating surrounding Class-C package to trigger fire”.
       The rehearsal is directed by General Manager Mr.Hao and the 15 committee members have played a full role of command and supervision in all aspects, such as communication members, firefighting members, ambulance members, rescue members and evacuation members.

       The rehearsal has met the expected requirements without any accident from fire occurrence to completion of gathering, alarming and hospitalizing.
       I believe that the rehearsal has deepened colleagues' understanding of the fire-escape process and strengthened the safety awareness. We should pay attention to the details of safety in our daily life. As we know, the risk of hidden dangers is more terrible than fire, prevention is more important than disaster-relief. Let’s jointly defend every moment closely related to safety.

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