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Fun Activity of Crab Racing 2.0 in April 2019

       Crab Racing 2.0 has been held once again in the spring of April with nine teams participated in.

       Some teams have good tacit understanding because the members are old teammates. The BaQi Team consists of four energetic beauties and four tall boys, which is very powerful; The HengXingBaDao Team and the Self-Challenging Team are all male colleagues with the uniform; and whether the ZangAiJiaZu Team can follow the good luck of last month to win the first prize, let's see the match.

       Finally, the PiPiXia Team, the Eight Immortals Team and the ZangAiJiaZu Team won the top three. Unexpectedly, the roadblock of high jump pole prepared by organizer did not stop players’ fast pace. Let’s look forward to seeing more wonderful performances in the next event.

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