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The 6th Shuttlecock Competition in March 2019

        The weather is warmer and warmer, it's a good time to have some friends do sports and keep fit after work. Shuttlecock, as a brilliant pearl in the treasure house of traditional Chinese sports, has always been a favorite sport among BNM and BHN. It can not only help us to move muscles and bones, promote health, but also sweep the cold brought by the weather.

        In addition to team tournaments, individual tournaments have been added in this year's competition. Each player has a time limit of 2 minutes, and the person who plays more will win. The competition attracted 8 teams with more than 30 participants.

        Of course, we are not disappointed by the performance of the players. In team tournament, there are teams with good understanding as well as new teams full of vigor. There are even those who are still fighting with a high fever, which made the competition impressive. In individual tournament, 12 people kicked more than 100 times within 2 minutes. The maximum is up to 186 times, averaging 1.55 times per second. And the kicking postures are also different with stable in situ, around their own circles and even squatting kick, which is wonderful.

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