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The 7th Session of Long-rope Skipping Race in October 2018

       The long-rope skipping race has always been fierce. Last year's exciting race left a deep impression on us. The reasonable arrangement of tactics made every jump step on the right drumbeat; the encouragement and cooperation of teammates let us get the strength of persistence on the edge of exhaustion. The long-rope race was held on October 25th as scheduled. Although the number of enrollees decreased slightly due to the busy production, all teams sent out elite to maintain their strength. The teams in competition are :
       According to our tradition, the forms of round-robin and group-robin are still used in our game. At the beginning of the round-robin, we can feel the fighting strength of the players. The players of rope-rolling and rope-skipping in a team have a tacit cooperation. Whatever the jumping posture, they can grasp the right time and move forward decisively.
       Physical strength is the most important factor in group-robin, some team chose male players to finish the race. Finally, the Sunshine Team achieved a good result of 141 jumps in this round with an average of one jump per 1.28 s.
       The Leaping Beautiful Girls showed skillful techniques in the first round and meanwhile consumed a lot of physical strength. They didn’t continue their good results in the second round, but their persistence spirit of sport is admirable.

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