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The Second Session of Cycling Race in August 2018

        The cycling-relay race finally called out at noon of August 30 after the bad weather with high temperatures and torrential rain. Unlike the previous session, the rules of this session were upgraded to team battle for the fastest one. And there are a total of 56 colleagues participated in the race, which formed 14 teams.

        The race began with laughter, and in order to give full play to riders’ cycling skills, the organizing committee made some improvements in the rules of the race by reducing the difficulty and enhancing the fun. The competing riders worked hard on the court, meanwhile the cheerleading team shouted encouragement all the way, especially for a few wonderful moments, which made everyone excited! Individual skills and the teamwork are both important in obstacle-relay race, and of course good-luck is also an essential factor in winning. The top three were finally decided after fierce competition. They are
You And Me Team 1′35''
Supply Chain-Quality Team 1′36″
New-New Management Team 1′38″
        Finally, we would like to give appreciation to the logistics department for providing us cardboard barrels that increased the interest of the race and the support from the civil workers and cleaners.

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