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The Fifth Session of Volleyball League in May 2018

        The fifth session of volleyball league was officially launched on 24th May. The story between BNM and volleyball has been extended for 5 years. A batch of new volleyball rookies have become the backbone of the team and the volleyball has become a close friend of the whole BNM.

        The league has ushered in the active registration of 55 colleagues, composed of 6 teams: V Team, Heat Team, Spider-man, Vengeer Team, Alloy-giant and Crushing Team. Each team performed brightly with rigorous tactics, harmonious cooperation and high endurance and maintained the smash skill under the standard height of international men's volleyball, which reached 2.43m.

        The scoreboard, which was meticulously produced by mechanic colleagues, had to be mentioned. The whole bracket is made of residue of square steel with elaborate design, which is safe and convenient. The white steel plate on the back is originated by chance in the process of making, which is not only wind-proof, but also with storage function to store the players' chests, cell phones and other items temporarily.
        The fierce matches has enriched the spare time of the colleagues. More and more people are likely to watch the game or practice after dinner and those teams without match arrangement want to compete with each other spontaneously. I believe that even the spectators are also heart-burning, who are infected by the spirit of BNM Volleyball. The game is still going on and let's rub our eyes and wait.

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