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The Fifth Session of Shuttlecock Game in March 2018

        Shuttlecock kick is a simple exercise that can build up a good physique and improve health condition, which has been popular since the Sui and Tang Dynasties. BNM held the fifth session of shuttlecock game in the early spring. 9 teams with 27 flexible and vigorous players participated in the game. The activities are divided into elimination session, qualifying session, semi-finals and finals, a total of 9 games.
        As far as this session, a large number of players with vigor, strength and solidarity have sprung up. The 9 teams with flexible men and agile girls showed their excellent skills in the first round. They caught the ball not only by feet, but also the shoulders, the knees, the chest muscles and the abdominal muscles, or even the head. 

        We would like to thank Dr. Chen who provided technical support of referee and the civil engineering colleagues who provided the support of the site, as well as all the players participated in the game. The first trade union activities in this year cannot be completed successfully without our joint efforts.


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