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Fun Activity of Crab Racing in April 2018

        As the weather gets warmer, it will usher in the season of seafood. So we organized an activity of Crab Racing as monthly trade union event. Many of the colleagues are familiar with this activity, because we have had the experience in last year’s extension training and we must do better this time.
        There are 8 teams participating in the race and each team showed a great reputation from their names, such as My Show Team, Xie Xing Tian Xia Team, Wu Xie Ke Ji Team, Warrior Team, Chi Jia Hong Team, Hairy Crab Team, King Crab Team and Heng Xing Ba Dao Team.


        The activity tests the ability of tactic understanding and collaboration within a team and helps us find out the key points hidden in the cooperation. I believe that our colleagues have been enlightened a lot by the joyous game.

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