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Selection of the Works of Innovation and Creation Activities in December 2017

      Energy and energy-storage are the key to dissolving the modern crisis. China has been stepped into the door of the commercialization of the energy storage industry since 2017.
      In order to improve the innovation of technology and management to transform the innovation consciousness and practice into a habit of all the employees, under the call of general manager Hao Yue, BNM held the innovation and creation activities in June 2017, which turned on a creative inspiration feast.
      By December 28th, over 60 creative works have been all released. And the first creative selection was carried out, whose jury was composed of 3 specially-invited judges and 14 department representatives.

      Finally, 1 first prize, 2 second prize and 3 third prize were selected awarded at the end of year.
      The event has caused a strong response among all the staff, which has achieved full participation and innovation. The event is not only a creative invention, but also a sense of innovation. Since the launching of innovation and creation activities, all the staff have constantly put forward various innovative designs. It just like the "inspiration rain" poured into the BNM land to nourish the flowers of "originality, creativity, innovation" in everyone’s heart.

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