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2016 Excellent Selection

        With the joint efforts of all the staff, BNM achieved good business results in 2016. The achievement has condensed the hard work and selfless dedication of all the staff, so we commend a group of outstanding personnel and teams.
        6 employees performed well in the second session of BNM trainers competition in 2016, who won the top three in staff group and management group respectively.
        The Waste-water Team, Electrical Team and Equipment Team were selected as the “excellent team” in 2016.
        The AD&HR Department, R&D Department were selected as “the best department of 5S activities” in 2016.
        “The Dolphin Group was selected as “the best QA group” in 2016 annual quality assurance QA activities.
        "The Sample Group was selected as “the group with the most subjects” in 2016 annual quality assurance QA activities.
        16 employees were selected as "excellent personnel" in 2016.

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